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AKAISHI was established in Shizuoka in 1946, the same prefecture as Japan’s famous icon Mt. Fuji. AKAISHI started in the material processing industry and eventually transitioned to manufacturing products for foot conditions/disorder care. Research and development for these products was performed based on anatomy, kinesiology, and podiatry. The insoles for hallux valgus and plantar fasciitis were highly rated among healthcare professionals and their success led to the development of sandals. Since then, AKAISHI has further invested in the research and development of sandals to perform specific podiatric functions, technological advancements in the usage of synthetic and organic materials, and improving the wear-ability of sandals for everyday use. AKAISHI sandals have always been designed with functionality as the main focus. AKAISHI has received tremendous support through word of mouth from office workers, house wives and elderly people.